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Meeting our Standards

Euro Foods imports a huge variety of produce into the UK and as such, we carry full liability for food safety, quality and labelling. All our suppliers comply with our high standards and controls, to ensure we fulfil these regulations correctly. We aim to ensure all our suppliers meet BRC (British Retail Consortium) standards as a minimum. When products arrive at our depots, we have in-house standards to guarantee the products make the grade. For every product we sell, we must have a product specification; this provides a contract between us and our suppliers, confirming exactly what is being made and what we are buying. A sample will be checked against the specification for each delivery we receive. We even cook the foods too, to make sure they taste good! We work closely with our suppliers to ensure the food authorities in the UK are happy with the foods we import. By keeping control of our supply chain, we ensure only the best quality produce reaches our customers.

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