Shelim Hussain

Euro Foods Group

Euro Foods Group is a leading international manufacturer and distributor of frozen and fresh foods, serving the restaurant, catering and specialist supermarket sectors.

Our business is founded on two key values: a clear focus on customer service and the provision of quality produce.We were founded in 1991 and have grown to become the UK's largest supplier to the Asian food market, with a passion for high quality seafood, meat, poultry, vegetables and desserts.

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Euro Foods Group Product

Fish And Seafood

Tiger Prawn
Tilapia Fillet
Boal Steak
Shoil IQF Large
Hilsha Fish & Eggs
Ayre IQF Bangladeshi

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Fruits And Vegetables

Casava Clean
Papaya & Lemon
Bean Seeds Green
Coconut Milk
Date Molasses
Lychees Peeled & Tinned

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Snacks And Desserts

Spring Roll
Aloo & Dal Puri
Vegetable Singara
Vegetable & Meat Samosa
Bhapa &Chitol Pitta

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